Cyber Security Specialist

Launch your cyber security career in just 400 hours. You will be guided through key foundational concepts, hands-on labs, and technical skills that are necessary to get started in any entry-level cyber security role. Networking is the foundation of many IT specialties and provides a pathway to different careers such as Cyber Security. Cyber Security is one of the biggest growth areas with the need for qualified specialists increasing every day. This course covers the basic networking principles required to transition into the Cyber Security course. Let’s get started on your journey into the realms of computer networking and cyber security! This online training program provides students with a foundational understanding of the most important topics and concepts, as well as introductory labs, projects, and a cyber range. After completing the Cyber Security course students will use our courses and materials to obtain their NexGenT Cyber certification. During training students will complete over 25 virtualized labs that teach you in demand real world skills that prepare you for the job. Students are also exposed to a cumulative final project that tests them on all the applied learnings they have been taught during the course. After completing the project students then perform a virtual skills qualification check to obtain their cyber certification from NexGenT. During training students also work with our Career Services team for assistance with job hunting and access to the NexGenT Employer Network.

Course syllabus:

  1. Intro to Networking for Cyber Security

  2. Cybersecurity Advanced Training

  3. Hacker Week

  4. NCSA Certification and SQC