Cyber Security for Remote Workers Staff Awareness

This non-technical course is suitable for all employees who are working remotely or from home. It will help them remain safe, and understand what to do if and when they experience a cyber attack or phishing scam. This short course will enable your employees to stay safe when working remotely.

Course syllabus:

  1. How to stay safe when working from home using a shared Wi-Fi network

  2. What a shared Wi-Fi network is

  3. What measures employees need to put in place to avoid falling victim to a cyber attack

  4. Family members and other home network users

  5. Improving the remote working experience

  6. Types of scams

  7. How to avoid being caught out by phishing and vishing scams

  8. How to spot a scam

  9. Coronavirus-themed malware proliferating on the dark web

  10. How to browse securely

  11. What employees need to do if they download a malicious attachment or click a suspicious link