Cyber Security for Executive

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any organisation today that doesn’t have IT infrastructure or doesn’t rely on the Internet. Advances in technology offer new opportunities, but also introduce new – and ever-changing – threats. Management needs to understand and know how to mitigate the cyber security threats organisations face on a daily bIT Governance.

Course syllabus:

  1. What cyber and information security are, and how they differ from one another

  2. The threat landscapes and potential impacts

  3. Remote working and the associated risks

  4. The different types of malware, including DDoS (distributed denial of service), ransomware, cryptojacking and zero-day infections, and how these affect the operation of your organisation

  5. Humans and social engineering, and what you can do to stop your staff being your biggest threat

  6. Mobile devices, social media and safe browsing

  7. Cloud security

  8. Supply chain security

  9. Secure software development

  10. How you (as a senior leader) can make a difference to your organisation’s cyber security