Cyber Security

Increasingly cyber attacks are threatening your critical computer systems, network and data. It is critical that all employees who access your organisation’s technology systems are aware of and are able to identify potential security risks, and that they know what action to take in the event of a security breach. Malicious code can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your system; cyber attacks can result in personal information about the user being sent to unauthorised parties over the internet.

Course syllabus:

  1. What is IT security?

  2. Standard operating procedures

  3. How to recognise a security breach

  4. Malicious code infection

  5. Policies and Procedures

  6. Website access

  7. Electronic mail security

  8. Contracting a virus

  9. Spam

  10. Chain emails

  11. Other security requirements

  12. Guidelines

  13. System accounts

  14. Passwords

  15. Electronic mail accounts

  16. Remote access & data transfer

  17. Laptops and PDAs