Cyber Security

This three-year advanced diploma in Cyber Security will provide students with the foundational information security (InfoSec) skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the IT security industry. Foundational topics in our cybersecurity courses include information security, ethics, network management/analysis, programming and scripting, operating systems, and database management. Building on those foundational topics, the curriculum will also develop students' skills in the areas of risk analysis, cryptography, vulnerability testing, access control implementation, and security audit performance. Graduates of this program will be able to proactively implement sound security practices to mitigate security risks and respond quickly to security breaches and issues that may have occurred.

Course syllabus:

  1. Operating Syst Fundamentals for Security

  2. Networking Fundamentals for Security

  3. Programming Fundamentals for Security

  4. Database Fundamentals for Security

  5. Ethics

  6. Cyber Security

  7. Reason & Writing 1 for IT

  8. Cybercrime

  9. Network Components

  10. Scripting for Web Security

  11. Cryptography & Authentication Systems

  12. Securing Linux

  13. Securing Windows Systems

  14. Communications for IT

  15. Co-operative Education Employment Prep

  16. Network Protocols

  17. Scripting for Security

  18. Web Security 1

  19. Security Mechanisms

  20. Auditing & Security Controls

  21. Security Management

  22. Technical Writing & Presentation

  23. Criminology

  24. Wireless & Mobile

  25. Network Security Monitoring

  26. Evolving Technologies & Threats

  27. Computational Intelligence for Security

  28. Web Security 2

  29. Digital & Network Forensics

  30. Perimeter Defence & Design

  31. Attack Vectors & Analysis

  32. Incidence Handling & Response

  33. Penetration Testing

  34. Windows Security-Adv

  35. Research Project

  36. Secure Network Architecture

  37. Hacking Techniques & Exploits

  38. Penetration Testing-Adv

  39. Malware Analysis & Response