Criminology MSc

This is for you if you want to learn about the processes of criminalisation, offending, and victimisation in order to develop a sophisticated and critical understanding of contemporary issues and debates in criminology and victimology. The MSc in Criminology will provide you with an in-depth theoretical and applied understanding of crime, deviance, offenders, and victims and will enable you to focus on your particular area of interest. You will gain the knowledge and skills sought by the broad spectrum of agencies associated with the criminal justice process. The course will provide you with a thorough insight into the criminal justice system and develop your critical awareness of historical debates, theories and research in criminology and victimology. You will also examine the current political, economic and social context of relevant debates on crime in the UK and abroad. The course has been prepared by lecturers who are at the forefront of research in this field. Our selection of option modules allows you to specialise in areas of interest that relate to your professional needs.

Course syllabus:

  1. Criminological Research Methods

  2. Theorising Crime and Deviance

  3. Rethinking Punishment and Rehabilitation

  4. Victimology

  5. Dissertation

  6. Responding to Terrorism

  7. Criminal Justice Professions: Policy and Practice

  8. Critical Issues in Policing

  9. Mental Disorder, Justice and Crime