Criminology in Practice MSc

This is for you if you want to combine academic criminological study with employability modules and the change to undertake a work placement and practice-based research project in a criminal justice or related setting. By taking our Criminology in Practice MSc, you can combine the theoretical analysis of criminology with a core spine of employability-focused modules. Our modules will cover the key issues in contemporary criminological theory and practice. Further bespoke modules will prepare you to undertake a six-week work-based placement in a criminal justice or related setting. As part of the placement you will develop an appreciation of the interplay between research and practice in Criminology and will conduct a supervised piece of criminological research. You will gain a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system and develop your critical awareness of historical debates, theories and research in criminology. You will also examine the current political, economic and social context of relevant debates on crime and criminal justice practice in the UK and abroad.

Course syllabus:

  1. Criminological Research Methods

  2. Theorising Crime and Deviance

  3. Preparing for your Placement

  4. Criminal Justice Professions: Policy and Practice

  5. Placement and Practice-based Research Project

  6. Responding to Terrorism

  7. Victimology

  8. Critical Issues in Policing

  9. Crime Prevention and Community Safety

  10. Mental Disorder, Justice and Crime

  11. Domestic and Sexual Violence

  12. Fear of Crime