Criminology and Profiling

The Criminology and Profiling course is designed to help you master the scientific study of crimes and criminals Criminology, and provide an in-depth insight into different types of crimes, reasons behind committing the crimes, forensic science, criminal psychology, and criminal law. From murders to cybercrimes and false Imprisonment to kidnapping, this powerful online training program covers the multiple functions, factors and roles involved in solving crimes, as well as techniques that are tried and trusted by professionals for analysing different kinds of criminal behaviours.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Research Methods in Forensic Psychology

  3. Criminology

  4. Theories of Offending

  5. Personal Attributes of Offenders

  6. Forensic Psychology in Police Investigations

  7. Forensic Psychology in the Courtroom

  8. Forensic Psychology in Practice

  9. Mock Exam

  10. Final Exam