Crime and Forensic Science MSc

Forensic science is a dynamic discipline that is crucial to the investigation of crime, the collection of evidence and intelligence, and in securing justice. This multidisciplinary MSc programme offers students a unique opportunity to gain forensic science skills and methods within a holistic crime science framework. Students will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of crime and forensic science, together with the key conceptual and philosophical frameworks in this field. They will gain practical skills in crime scene investigation, experimental design and implementation, statistical analysis, data analysis and modelling, and will be able to evaluate the weight and applicability of forensic evidence for investigative and court purposes.

Course syllabus:

  1. Designing and Doing Research

  2. Foundations of Security and Crime Science

  3. Law and Expert Evidence

  4. Quantitative Methods

  5. Understanding and Interpreting Forensic Evidence

  6. Forensic Anthropology

  7. Advanced Forensic Anthropology

  8. Forensic Geoscience