CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst

The CPTIA examination is an entry-level qualification aimed at individuals who are seeking to establish themselves within the Threat Intelligence industry.There is no requirement for a candidate to have a specified amount of previous experience working in the Threat Intelligence industry. The CPTIA qualification demonstrates that an individual has a solid understanding of the theory and practice of cyber threat intelligence operations and is competent to undertake operational Threat Intelligence activities under the supervision of a CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager. The examination consists of a multiple-choice paper. Candidates are required to meet or exceed a two-thirds pass mark in the multiple-choice paper to obtain CREST Practitioner status.

Course syllabus:

  1. The key concepts underlying intelligence-led cyber threat assessments

  2. Understanding how the direction and review processes influence the analyst’s workflow

  3. Collection of data relevant to a customer’s intelligence requirements and turning it into a format suitable for analysis

  4. Understanding common approaches to analysis and potential pitfalls

  5. Methods for disseminating intelligence product to consumers and for sharing intelligence with trusted members of the wider intelligence community