CREST Practitioner Intrusion Analyst

The CREST Practitioner Intrusion Analyst (CPIA) examination is aimed at individuals who are part of a team delivering threat intelligence services. The Examination comprises a multiple-choice written only examination and is a pre-requisite for sitting the CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst examination. Success will confer the CREST Practitioner status to the individual.

Course syllabus:

  1. Soft Skills and Incident Handling

  2. Core Technical Skills

  3. Background Information Gathering & Open Source

  4. Network Intrusion Analysis

  5. Analysing Host Intrusions

  6. Reverse Engineering Malware

  7. Computer Networking Fundamentals

  8. Virtualisation Technologies

  9. Platform Security

  10. Identification and Access Management

  11. Applications

  12. Virtualisation Technologies

  13. Security Methodologies

  14. Security Vulnerabilities & Prevention Techniques