Counterterrorism, Risk Management and Resilience MSc

The MSc Counterterrorism, Risk Management and Resilience is a specialist course designed particularly for those working in the risk management and risk mitigation sectors. Cranfield has a long history of specialising in defence and security subjects and boasts unique facilities for teaching and research in these areas. This course brings together a distinctive mix of different subjects, providing students with the fundamental knowledge, core expertise and evidence-based methodological tools and approaches necessary to understand, analyse, prevent and mitigate terrorism.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introductory Studies

  2. Applied Counterterrorism

  3. Risk, Crisis and Resilience

  4. Strategies, Ideologies and Tactics of Terrorism

  5. Terrorism Risk Management and Mitigation

  6. Understanding Terrorism and Counterterrorism

  7. Research Project