Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism MSc

This MSc, designed by a panel of academic departments, industrial partners and law enforcement and security agencies, introduces students to the fundamental knowledge, core expertise and advanced, evidence-driven methodological tools and approaches required to understand, analyse, prevent, disrupt and detect organised crime and terrorism. Students develop an understanding of how science, engineering and a variety of professional disciplines can contribute to tackling organised crime and terrorism. By the end of the programme, they will be able to apply appropriate scientific principles and methods to security problems, think strategically to develop and implement countermeasures, and appreciate the complexity involved in the design and implementation of organised crime and terrorism threat-reduction technologies.

Course syllabus:

  1. Designing and Doing Research

  2. Foundations of Security and Crime Science

  3. Perspectives on Organised Crime

  4. Perspectives on Terrorism

  5. Quantitative Methods

  6. Crime Mapping and Spatial Analysis

  7. Cybercrime

  8. Horizon Scanning and the Changing Nature of Crime

  9. Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

  10. Introduction to Cybersecurity

  11. Investigation and Detection

  12. Prevention and Disruption