Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime BSc

As the only university to offer Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime at undergraduate level, this degree presents a unique opportunity. You will develop a contextual and critical outlook on highly publicised cases, and you'll be introduced to the aspects the media does not talk about. After the tragic events of 9/11 in the USA, the world entered what many see to be a new era in how we understand, perceive and react to transnational crime, including terrorism. Despite the significance of the attack on the World Trade Centre, transnational crime and terrorism are not new concepts, and are issues currently faced by many countries around the world. To understand the current strategies in tackling these phenomena, it is important to learn from history, evaluate the complexities, and take a holistic but critical view of politics, policies, international treaties, and policing powers.

Course syllabus:

  1. International Policing: Structures and Dynamics

  2. Accident, Disaster and Terror Scene Investigation

  3. Human Decision Making in Theory and Practice

  4. Policing Terrorism and Political Violence in the UK

  5. Transnational and Organised Crime

  6. International Justice and Human Rights

  7. Cybercrime

  8. Youth Crime and Justice

  9. Crime, Power and the State

  10. Major and Critical Incident Crime Scene Investigation

  11. Psychology of Serious and Prolific Offending