Contractors Deployed on Operations (CONDO)

Two-day initial and one-day refresher CONDO courses will build awareness of personal risk mitigation and establish practical emergency responses to low-level or large-scale incidents, and an understanding of the requirements of living and operating within a military organisation.These courses are designed to meet the obligations laid out within the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Defence Contract Condition (DEFCON) 697 and Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) 05-129.

Course syllabus:

  1. Personal security and travel preparation

  2. Journey management and military movement

  3. Regional and cultural awareness

  4. Accommodation safety and security

  5. Awareness of IEDs, mines, and weapons

  6. Reacting to incidents and emergency procedures

  7. CONDO organisation and responsibilities including military rank structures

  8. First aid and basic trauma management

  9. CONDO administration, welfare and discipline