Computer Network Security

This course introduces fundamental concepts and notions of computer security, focusing on security threats, vulnerabilities, and available defense mechanisms. Students are exposed to ethical hacking, use of hacking methods for computer network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Various protection methods will be presented including auditing systems, monitoring techniques, and various Intrusion Detection Processes and technologies used for discovery of hackers and advance notice of cyber threats. Students will apply what they learn in scenario-based projects.

Course syllabus:

  1. Computer Security Overview

  2. Computer Network Basics

  3. Vulnerability and Attack Methods

  4. Malicious Logic and Web Attacks

  5. Penetration Testing Methodologies

  6. Firewall Systems

  7. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

  8. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  9. Wireless Network Security

  10. Auditing

  11. Biometrics

  12. Review

  13. Final Project