Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Digital forensic practices stem from forensic science, the science of collecting and examining evidence or materials. Digital or computer forensics focuses on the digital domain including computer forensics, network forensics, and mobile forensics. As the cyber security profession evolves, organizations are learning the importance of employing digital forensic practices into their everyday activities. Computer forensic practices can help investigate attacks, system anomalies, or even help System administrators detect a problem by defining what is normal functional specifications and validating system information for irregular behaviors.

Course syllabus:

  1. Computer Forensics in Today’s World

  2. Computer Forensics Investigation Process

  3. Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems

  4. Operating System Forensics

  5. Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques

  6. Data Acquisition and Duplication

  7. Network Forensics

  8. Investigating Web Attacks

  9. Database Forensics

  10. Cloud Forensics

  11. Malware Forensics

  12. Investigating Email Crimes

  13. Mobile Forensics

  14. Investigative Reports