Computer Cryptography and Digital Steganography

This course introduces the fundamentals of modern cryptography as related to computer security and digital forensics, including the techniques of steganography, watermarking, digital signatures, and public key cryptography. Students will learn both the theory of cryptographic protection and the practicalities of properly implementing crypto-protection in the field, as well as how forensics experts deal with encrypted information. Students will apply what they learn in scenario-based exercises and projects.

Course syllabus:

  1. Mathematical Background

  2. Foundations

  3. Basic Cryptographic Protocols

  4. Advanced Cryptographic Protocols

  5. Key Management

  6. Authentication and Key Establishment Protocols

  7. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

  8. Attacks on Cryptosystems

  9. Security of Web-based Applications

  10. Electronic Discovery (E-discovery) and Protection of Data Storage Privacy and Integrity

  11. Big Data and Information Hiding Techniques

  12. Review

  13. Final project presentation and report