Cloud Penetration Testing

This course will equip you with the latest in cloud focused penetration testing techniques and teach you how to assess cloud environments. In this course we dive into topics like cloud based microservices, in-memory data stores, serverless functions, Kubernetes meshes, and containers, as well as identifying and testing in cloud-first and cloud-native applications. You will also learn specific tactics for penetration testing in Azure and AWS, particularly important given that Amazon Web Services and Microsoft account for more than half of the market. It's one thing to asses and secure a datacenter, but it takes a specialized skill-set to truly assess and report on the risk that an organization faces if their cloud services are left insecure.

Course syllabus:

  1. Discovery, Recon and Architecture at Scale

  2. Mapping, Authentication and Cloud Services

  3. Azure and Windows Services in the Cloud

  4. Vulnerabilities in Cloud native Applications

  5. Exploitation and Red Team in the Cloud

  6. Capstone