Certified Procurement Fraud Control Specialist (CPFCS)

Learn how to prevent, detect, and investigate procurement fraud and corruption. This course subscription provides 30 days of access to prerequisite training for CIS exam certification exam. Modules explain the major schemes and provide relevant statistics on cost and frequency, as well as the perpetrators and victims of these crimes. Each scheme is illustrated with several real-life cases. The course clearly outlines prevention, detection and investigation strategies. Essential terms, questions, and discussion issues help students understand and retain the material. Not to be confused with forensic accounting instruction, this course is designed for a broad corporate management audience.

Course syllabus:

  1. Billing Schemes & Fake Purchases Schemes

  2. Expense Reimbursement Schemes

  3. Non-Cash Assets Fraud

  4. Corruption & Collusion

  5. Know your boundaries: Legal considerations for investigating and interviewing employees

  6. Understand the science of communication

  7. Learn how to conduct the interview

  8. Know how to report your findings