Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP)

The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) certification assesses your ability to apply counter terrorism and security planning knowledge to real-life situations. Successful completion of the programme tells your prospective clients, industry professionals, other experts and future employers that you have met rigorous professional standards of competence in protection, defence and security planning. The Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) programme has been recognised by The University of Portsmouth, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies. CCTP has received recognition by the Portsmouth Institute to the value of 20 Level 6 credits, the equivalent of one final year undergraduate module. There are 180 credits at each level and 360 in an undergraduate degree in total. The course shall now be entered on the ICJS RPL Tariff.

Course syllabus:

  1. Global terrorism today – Introduction to the Threat

  2. Terror organizations

  3. Critical Soft Targets

  4. Suicide bombers- their mind-set and how they operate

  5. The stages of terrorist attack

  6. The adversary

  7. Bombs and Explosives

  8. Dealing with booby traps

  9. How terrorists conduct intelligence collection

  10. VBIEDs – Vehicle borne IED (car bombs)

  11. The security concept

  12. Incident management

  13. Minimum cost / maximum security options

  14. Preparing the operational procedure file and area portfolio