Certificate in Terrorism Studies

Understanding Terrorism is key; whether it be to governments, transport networks, first responders, private organisations or to the public - it involves knowing who is involved, how and why they act and their capacity to inflict harm. Terrorism Studies is 100% online and it aims to provide knowledge that is so essential to understanding and ultimately responding to terrorism and political violence. Discover how and why terrorists plot against civilians, governments, corporations, commercial operations, transport or IT networks and get ready to make an unmistakable difference to an organisation’s security strategies.

Course syllabus:

  1. Key Issues in Terrorism & Political Violence

  2. Terrorist Ideologies, Aims, Beliefs, and Motivations

  3. Terrorist Weapons & Tactics

  4. International Policing Policy

  5. Aviation Terrorism & Security

  6. Maritime Terrorism Security

  7. Critical Infrastructure Protection

  8. Terrorism, Cyber Threats and the Internet

  9. Radicalisation, Counter-radicalisation and Deradicalisation

  10. Terrorism and Human Rights

  11. Homeland Security

  12. Intelligence

  13. The Psychology of Terrorism

  14. Personnel and Personal Security

  15. Terrorist Financing