Certificate in Fraud Risk Management

Delivering the in-depth knowledge, understanding and skills needed to manage an effective risk management framework. The colossal scale of fraud means that preventing it before it occurs is more important than ever. The CIPFA Certificate in Fraud Risk Management (CFRM) builds on the skills of experienced counter fraud specialists, audit professionals and risk and compliance managers. The programme is wide-ranging and is focused on giving you the knowledge to understand the principles of corporate governance and risk management as they relate to fraud risk, control and prevention. The CFRM is a professional accredited qualification created by experts in fraud risk management from the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre. Delegates achieving both the CFRM and the Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist will be awarded the CIPFA Diploma in Counter Fraud Management.

Course syllabus:

  1. Understand the fraud risks which public bodies and other organisations face

  2. Identify the principles and framework of good corporate governance and understand where the management of fraud risks sits within this

  3. Analyse, score and mitigate against inherent and residual fraud risks

  4. Understand the concepts of control and assurance

  5. Devise and implement a fraud response plan

  6. understand the full risk management lifecycle

  7. Plan and conduct an entity-wide fraud risk assessment