Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy

Certificate in Cybersecurity Policy deals with the policy analysis and implementation aspects of cybersecurity. It presents theory and topical issues, at government and enterprise levels, with both technical and managerial components in the fields of information systems security. The program helps learners develop skills on the policy, ethical, and legal issues associated with cybersecurity and information security. It is paced over 12 weeks with quizzes and a final exam at the end.

Course syllabus:

  1. Structure of Information Systems

  2. Information Systems & Networks Vulnerabilities

  3. Foundations of Cybersecurity

  4. SMAC & BYOD Security

  5. Preventing Cyber Intrusions

  6. Evaluating Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

  7. Ethics in Information Technology

  8. Security Policy Analysis

  9. Security Policy Implementation

  10. Global Cybersecurity Policy & Law

  11. Enterprise Cybersecurity Policy

  12. Exam