Certificate in Cybersecurity Management

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management equips and prepares learners with modern skills to become effective managers across the broad nexus of cybersecurity and intrusion preventions in organizations. The central core is developing capacity to prevent anticipated cyber intrusions, using experiences to mitigate future threats, and formulating and implementing enterprise-level cybersecurity roadmaps. The program also explores the roles of regulation, policy developments, legal instruments and civil liberties. It is paced over 12 weeks with quizzes and a final exam at the end.

Course syllabus:

  1. Structure of Information Systems

  2. Information Systems & Networks Vulnerabilities

  3. Foundations of Cybersecurity

  4. SMAC & BYOD Security

  5. Preventing Cyber Intrusions

  6. Evaluating Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies

  7. Physical & Human Security Management

  8. Cybersecurity Essentials for Leaders

  9. Cyber Incident Analysis and Response

  10. Building Secure Enterprises & Organizations

  11. Cybersecurity Project Management

  12. Exam