Certificate III in Security Operations

This course is aimed at licensed security officers who want to increase their skills and knowledge in a broad range of security areas to build their career within the security industry.

Course syllabus:

  1. Contribute to effective workplace relationships

  2. Organise personal work priorities and development

  3. Maintain workplace safety in the security industry

  4. Manage conflict through negotiation

  5. Determine response to security risk situation

  6. Prepare and present security documentation and reports

  7. Coordinate a quality security service to customers

  8. Maintain security of environment

  9. Control Access to and Exit from Premises

  10. Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour

  11. Lead small teams in the security industry

  12. Prepare and present evidence in court

  13. Control security risk situations using firearms

  14. Control persons using baton

  15. Restrain persons using handcuffs

  16. Control persons using empty hand techniques