Certificate II in Security Operations

This course is aimed at the skills and knowledge required to obtain an Australian Security licence to work as a guard in the security industry. Depending upon the type of security officer (guard) you wish to be, will determine the units you will need to study. Each state of Australia has a different list of units required for the issue of a security licence. This qualification requires a total of twelve (12) units to be completed.

Course syllabus:

  1. Communicate effectively in the security industry

  2. Communicate effectively in the security industry

  3. Work effectively in the security industry

  4. Respond to security risk situation

  5. Work as part of a security team

  6. Provide security services to clients

  7. Provide first aid / Apply first aid

  8. Screen People

  9. Screen Items

  10. Give Evidence in Court

  11. Protect Safety of persons

  12. Control Access to and Exit from Premises

  13. Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour

  14. Operate Basic Security Equipment

  15. Patrol Premises

  16. Protect Self & Others Using Basic Defensive Techniques

  17. Control persons using empty hand techniques

  18. Load and unload cash in transit in a secured environment

  19. Use communication systems