CertHE Criminal Psychology

Would you like to delve into the world of criminal psychology? Do you want to understand the core psychological and criminological theories? Our course is the perfect introduction to the fascinating and challenging worlds of criminology and psychology. Throughout the programme, you’ll develop your own knowledge of the scientific and theoretical underpinnings of psychology, including its historical origins, progression and limitations. You’ll gain an awareness of the variety of different mental processes that take place in the brain and how this knowledge can be applied to criminal psychology, specifically in relation to the techniques used in offender profiling and eyewitness testimony. You’ll also be able to recognise a range of influences on psychological functioning and how these are conceptualised across the two core discipline areas of social psychology and cognitive psychology.

Course syllabus:

  1. Fundamentals of Effective Learning in Psychology

  2. Introduction to Social Psychology

  3. Crime & Society

  4. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

  5. Introduction to Offender Profiling

  6. Introduction to Research Methods

  7. Dealing with Offending Behaviour

  8. Personality and Intelligence