BSc (Hons) Criminal Psychology

Does the rapidly expanding field of criminal psychology interest you? Do you want to learn more about the critical issues facing today’s criminal justice system? Take a deeper look inside the criminal mind with our degree. This programme gives you the opportunity to study alongside fellow professionals and classmates to take part in thought-provoking modules covering topics such as offender profiling, risk management and offender rehabilitation. Our course emphasises the importance of evidence-based practice along with the integration of psychological theory to understand, reduce and prevent offending behaviour. You’ll also study the core areas of psychology including cognitive, social and developmental psychology.

Course syllabus:

  1. Fundamentals of Effective Learning in Psychology

  2. Introduction to Social Psychology

  3. Crime & Society

  4. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

  5. Introduction to Offender Profiling

  6. Introduction to Research Methods

  7. Dealing with Offending Behaviour

  8. Personality and Intelligence

  9. Biological Psychology

  10. Advanced Cognitive Psychology

  11. Individual Differences, Emotions and Behaviours

  12. Quantitative Psychology

  13. Psychological Development through the Lifespan

  14. Forensic Psychology

  15. Criminology

  16. Risk Assessment and Management

  17. Criminal Investigation

  18. Youth Crime and Justice

  19. Prisons and Penology

  20. Substance Misuse and Crime

  21. Probation and Community Justice

  22. Critical Social Psychology

  23. Developmental Science

  24. Criminal Behaviour and Deviance

  25. Investigative Psychology

  26. Victimology and Criminal Victimisation

  27. Final Psychology Project

  28. Policing

  29. The Economics of Crime

  30. Criminal Justice in the Information Age: Cyber Crime and Security