BSc (Honours) Cyber Security

Our cyber security degree combines three sought after streams of computing: networking, cyber security and digital forensics. It gives you a thorough understanding of socio-technical systems and skills to prevent or respond to cyber security incidents. And develops your ability to critically analyse and apply digital solutions to security examination and digital forensic investigations. This includes an appreciation of tools, techniques and legal requirements. The degree programme, with its well-balanced theory and practice, has a strong technical focus. You’ll develop your understanding of how networked cyber systems function and how they might be abused. The course centres around the relationship between technology, people, processes, the physical environment and cyber security. You’ll be able to pursue a wide array of career pathways within the public, private and charity sectors.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to computing and information technology

  2. Technologies in practice

  3. Discovering mathematics

  4. Essential mathematics

  5. Web technologies

  6. Cisco networking

  7. Communication and information technologies

  8. Cyber security

  9. Information security

  10. Systems penetration testing

  11. Web, mobile and cloud technologies

  12. The computing and IT project