Body Worn Video

With the huge and increasing interest in different surveillance technologies, this online module provides essential training and information for all individuals involved in managing and using Body Worn Video equipment. Because BWV technology is seen to be more intrusive than ‘normal’ CCTV surveillance, the importance of understanding the technology, the regulatory landscape and the core operational guidelines, is universally recognised. Establishing clear policy and sound operational practice will ensure the benefits and capabilities of body-worn video are maximized for full effectiveness as incident management and personal safety tool.

Course syllabus:

  1. Understanding BWV concept and technology

  2. National (policing) guidance and standards

  3. Regulatory environment and BWV

  4. BWV privacy impact assessments

  5. Privacy issues and mitigation

  6. Policy development

  7. Practical use of BWV equipment

  8. Recording guidelines

  9. Evidential continuity

  10. Professional standards