Beating Bribery (Global)

This online training course is presented in a gamified, role-playing format enabling learners to actively engage and become fully immersed in the course. For global organisations, bribery hinders fair decision making, diverts valuable resources, and erodes the trust that must exist between organisations, their employees, and their various clients and partners. With their reputation on the line, many global organisations want to avoid being associated with bribery or have it play a part in gaining an unfair competitive advantage. Go behind the scenes as the Divisional Director at the fictitious corporation, BigBlue Global. The course is designed to challenge learners' understanding and to enable them to correctly identify instances of bribery in a global organisation.

Course syllabus:

  1. How to spot if a bribe has actually taken place

  2. Identifying the perpetrator of the offence

  3. What constitutes an offence?

  4. What the rights of the individual are

  5. What happens if an offence is committed

  6. Implementing procedures and policies