Basic Security Guard Training

To become licensed security guard, student must take government approved training. We know that the best security guards master the basics and build from a solid foundation. While other courses might rush to get you to your first job unprepared, we know that a confident, competent security guard keeps themselves and others safe. Poorly trained guards risk themselves, and others on the job. With our training, you'll master the basics, but also learn advanced patrol techniques, how to handle difficult people and situations and crisis management. You'll get able to find work quickly and easily with our training.

Course syllabus:

  1. Role of a Security Guard

  2. The Law and Your Rights and Responsibilities

  3. Crowd Control

  4. Powers of Arrest

  5. Dealing with Angry and/or Disturbed People

  6. Patrol Techniques

  7. Use of Force

  8. First Aid