Bachelor of Psychology, Criminology and Justice

This course is designed for students who wish to pursue further study in the area of psychology, criminology, or justice, or those who wish to be employed within the criminal justice system. The course equips students with skills in analysing, researching behaviour and explaining interactions between people and their environment.

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction to Psychology

  2. Psychology of Motivation and Emotion

  3. The Criminal Justice Process

  4. Criminology

  5. Biopsychology, Sensation and Perception

  6. Social Determinants of Behaviour

  7. The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour

  8. Critical Aspects of Policing

  9. Fundamentals of Psychological Inquiry

  10. Psychology of Personality and Individual Differences

  11. Psychology and Criminal Justice

  12. Professional Skills - Case Management

  13. Developmental Psychology

  14. Learning, Memory and Cognition

  15. Correctional Studies - Theory and Practice

  16. Youth Justice

  17. Advanced Methods of Psychological Inquiry

  18. Abnormal Psychology

  19. Aboriginal Australians in the Criminal Justice System

  20. Community Corrections (Theory and Practice)

  21. Cultural Issues in Psychology

  22. Applications of Psychological Literacy

  23. International Human Rights

  24. Misconduct and Corruption Prevention