Bachelor of Global Security

You’ll cover terrorism, political violence, crimes that have effects across national borders, global poverty and even climate change. Learn how to combat situations in the short-term and use prevention longer-term. Every day, media outlets feature stories of terrorism and political violence around the world. These issues represent today’s biggest global security challenges. In this degree, you’ll explore the meaning, development and complex causes of terrorism and political violence. Examine the different ways governments, states and organisations have responded to the threat of terrorism and discover how effective these approaches have been. You’ll gain the kind of skills, knowledge and insights that organisations across the world are looking for when assessing risk and potential threats to security.

Course syllabus:

  1. Career Learning: Managing Your Career

  2. Understanding International Politics

  3. Perspectives on Security and Terrorism

  4. Politics, Power and Policy

  5. Global Justice, Aid and Security

  6. Building Enterprise Skills

  7. Policing and the Politics of Counterterrorism

  8. Military Force and Counterterrorism

  9. Terrorism in a Globalised World

  10. Policies and Global Security

  11. Middle East Politics and Security

  12. Terrorism and Political Violence in South Asia

  13. Politics and Security in SouthEast Asia: Terrorists, Gangsters and the State

  14. International Security Studies

  15. Presenting in Public: Writing and Performing for Professional Contexts