Bachelor of Criminology and Justice

Recommended for students with an interest in criminology, social justice and the justice system. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the nature of criminology and justice and the principal disciplines of law, political science, psychology and sociology, which inform criminological and justice-related issues. It adopts a contemporary, international approach to criminology and justice education in developing well-educated practitioners. Students examine the nature of crime and social control, as well as a broad range of areas in the domain of justice, including policing, courts, law, corrections and alternative dispute resolution.

Course syllabus:

  1. The Criminal Justice Process

  2. Criminology

  3. The Psychology of Criminal Behaviour

  4. Research Methods I

  5. Psychology and Criminal Justice

  6. Research Methods II

  7. Correctional Studies - Theory and Practice

  8. Critical Aspects of Policing

  9. Aboriginal Australians in the Criminal Justice System

  10. Professional Ethics, Accountability and Integrity

  11. Criminology and Justice Capstone Project

  12. Criminology and Justice Practicum Placement