Bachelor of Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence

Brings together the key aspects of national and international security with an emphasis on contemporary security issues. By studying the core elements of terrorism, security and intelligence in the foundation year, students are able to undertake specialised study in how to counter the terrorist threat, apply intelligence gathering techniques, think critically, analyse and understand criminal motivation. Students will learn to utilise suitable technology to secure assets, protect critical and national infrastructure and employ security management techniques to achieve desired security outcomes.

Course syllabus:

  1. Security Foundations

  2. Intelligence Foundations

  3. Terrorism and International Security

  4. Security Risk

  5. Physical Security

  6. Threat Detection Systems

  7. Building Management Systems

  8. Information Security

  9. Radicalism and Political Extremism

  10. Security Control Systems

  11. Applied Intelligence

  12. Security and the Law

  13. Surveillance Systems

  14. Intelligence Analysis

  15. Counter Intelligence

  16. Counterterrorism