BA (Hons) Security Consultancy

If you’re looking to move into, or progress in, security consultancy, our distance-learning degree provides a compelling route. You’ll develop specialist insight, and acquire the skills and contacts to maximise the many opportunities open to you in the security and related industries. This degree is for anyone whose role involves ensuring security protection is incorporated into operations and organisational functions, or those aspiring to move into this work. You may already have experience and skills in security consultancy or management as a generalist or specialist, and be looking to add academic recognition to your experience and professional qualifications.

Course syllabus:

  1. Threat and Risk

  2. Security Risk Management

  3. Information (with Cyber) Security

  4. Management of Self, Teams and Projects

  5. Research – Dissertation Part One

  6. Crowded Places Security

  7. Investigations

  8. Organisational Resilience

  9. Strategic Security Management

  10. Enterprise

  11. Terrorism Studies

  12. Research – Dissertation Part Two