BA (Hons) Protective Security Management

There are many skills required of an adept and effective protective security manager, who may be responsible for the protection of high net worth individuals, teams working in hostile environments and multi-million-pound projects. This programme is designed to provide prospective and practicing protective security operators and managers with a range of skills, and develop knowledge, in order to be able to operate with competence, skills and confidence within the security sector.

Course syllabus:

  1. Protective Security Disciplines

  2. Threat and Risk

  3. The Scope of Protective Security

  4. Protective Security Career Management

  5. Protecting Personnel

  6. Protecting Infrastructure

  7. Business Travel Management

  8. Maritime Security

  9. Working in Hostile Environments

  10. Military and Law Enforcement Synergies

  11. Protective Security Governance and Regulation

  12. Terrorism Studies

  13. Dissertation