Attack at Jedawal: Critical Lessons for AT Professionals

On the night of 12 May 2003, three housing compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia were struck simultaneously by Al-Qaeda in a wave of bombings and armed assaults that echoed throughout the Kingdom. In this riveting two-hour distance learning program, consequence management expert Wally Braden provides a detailed look at Al-Qaeda operations in Saudi Arabia and describes the successes and failures of security and crisis management that influenced the outcome of these events. As a survivor of one of the 12 May attacks, the Al-Jedawal Compound Bombing, Mr. Braden provides valuable advice and a rare inside perspective that can only be spoken by "one who was there."

Course syllabus:

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview of Events

  3. Al-Jedawal Compound

  4. Indicators & Warnings

  5. The Attack

  6. The Aftermath

  7. Vinnell Compound Attack

  8. Al-Hamra Compound Attack

  9. Critical Lessons Learned