Anti Bribery - Interacting with Public Officials

This microlearning course on Interacting with Public Officials is part of our Anti-Bribery and Corruption curriculum. Delivered in an engaging, gamified format, the course enables learners to gain an understanding of bribery of public officials and how to maintain ethics and integrity of your business while travelling for work. The course particularly focuses on hidden admin fees, facilitation payments, indirect payments or trading favours in exchange for favourable treatment which can all be seen as bribes. Learners will go behind the scenes at a fictitious firm, Soma Group. Learners take charge of an International Sales employee within the company who is about to go on their first solo trip to represent the company. Along the way, learners will understand various scenarios involving public officials and how to avoid the pitfalls of bribery and corruption.

Course syllabus:

  1. Who are public officials

  2. What constitutes as bribery to public officials

  3. How are facilitation payments seen as a bribe

  4. When are hospitality expenses acceptable

  5. How does bribery of public officials affect organisations