Analysis of Critical Incidents

In this course students will gain an understanding of Operations in relation to EM practice. The range of potential actions is introduced during the pre-impact and impact phases of an emergency. Current legislation, emergency prevention, communications during emergencies, current pre-impact arrangements, the roles, responsibilities, and authority of the Emergency Services and specifically what actions could be taken during the impact phase of an emergency/disaster will be discussed in relation to several case studies.

Course syllabus:

  1. Discuss multiple casualty incidents

  2. Explain the incident command system

  3. Describe the medical incident command

  4. Describe the necessity of triage

  5. Discuss the fact that “what can go wrong—will”

  6. Explain the psychology of command

  7. Apply metrics to determining the success of operations/exercises

  8. Understand the Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning steps

  9. Discuss the necessity of critical incident stress debriefing

  10. Discuss the case studies

  11. Comprehend the process of designing and developing exercise evaluation criteria

  12. Identify the necessary tasks in conducting an exercise evaluation

  13. Understand methods of analyzing exercise data