Alibaba Cloud Security Solutions

Cybersecurity can be a mysterious domain for those looking in from the outside. In this course, you will gain an introduction to the history of cloud security, Alibaba Cloud offerings and the roadmap to better security on the cloud.

Course syllabus:

  1. Alibaba Cloud services overview

  2. Alibaba Cloud Data Security - Key Management Service, SSL Certificate, Content Moderation, etc.

  3. Alibaba Cloud Host Security - Server Guard

  4. Alibaba Cloud Application Security - Web Application Firewall

  5. Alibaba Cloud Network Security - Anti-DDoS Basic, Pro and Premium

  6. Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service

  7. Vulnerabilities Discovery Service - Web Threat Inspector, Threat Detection Service

  8. China Gateway – Web Hosting, ICP filing and licensing, etc

  9. Recap and Summary