Air Cargo Security Courses - CASP, CO, COS

All staff with unescorted access to identifiable secure air cargo will require training. Exactly which staff receive which level or module is down to the company to decide, based on their knowledge of the operation and the rules set in place by the CAA/DfT.

Course syllabus:

  1. The threat to aviation

  2. Aviation Security – Organisation and Legislation

  3. Protecting Air Cargo – Warehouse

  4. Protecting Air Cargo – Drivers

  5. Protecting and Searching Aircraft

  6. Protecting Air Cargo – Warehouse

  7. Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious and Circumstances and Security Incidents

  8. Security Controls for Air Cargo

  9. Warehouse acceptance and Dispatch of Air Cargo

  10. Prohibited Articles

  11. Methods of Concealment

  12. Review of Screening Methods