Advanced z/OS Security: Crypto, Network, RACF and Your Enterprise

System z continues to extend the value of the mainframe by leveraging robust security solutions to help meet the needs of today's on demand, service-oriented infrastructures. System z servers have implemented leading-edge technologies, such as high-performance cryptography, multi-level security, large-scale digital certificate authority and life cycle management, improved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) performance, advanced Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) function, and z/OS Intrusion Detection Services. This advanced z/OS security course presents the evolution of the current z/OS security architecture and explores in detail the various technologies involved in z/OS Cryptographic Services, z/OS Resource Access Control Facility (RACF), and z/OS Integrated Security Services.

Course syllabus:

  1. Overview of z/OS security for on-demand business

  2. z/OS platform security

  3. Introduction to digital certificates and PKI

  4. The SSL protocol

  5. HTTP and Apache server, SSL client authentication and WebSphere Application Server security

  6. RACF and digital certificates

  7. Open Cryptographic Services Facility

  8. Introduction to z/OS Communications Server security features

  9. System SSL overview

  10. TN3270 secure connection

  11. FTP server and client secure connection

  12. Cryptography overview: System z integrated cryptography

  13. Network authentication services and Enterprise Identity Mapping

  14. LDAP Directory Services in z/OS and the Tivoli Director Server for z/OS

  15. An introduction to OpenSSH for z/OS