Active-Shooter Preparedness

This course provides guidance and advice on how to anticipate and respond appropriately to an active-shooter incident, including responding appropriately when law enforcement arrives at the scene, recognizing potential workplace-violence indicators so that these types of incidents may be prevented and managing the consequences of an active-shooter incident. An active-shooter incident can occur at any time or place. In recent years, mass shootings occurred in the U.S. at workplaces, schools, colleges, a concert, a nightclub, a Planned Parenthood clinic and other locations where the victims were taken off guard. Proper planning and preparation may help to reduce the probability of an active-shooter event in a workplace or school — and it may minimize the negative impact of such an incident if one occurs. This course is intended to prepare managers and employees to respond to a potential or actual active shooter.

Course syllabus:

  1. Danger in the Workplace

  2. What Is an Active Shooter?

  3. Active-Shooter Warning

  4. Option 1: Evacuate

  5. Option 2: Hide

  6. Option 3: Take Action

  7. When Law Enforcement Arrives

  8. Responding to Arrival of Law Enforcement

  9. Communicating with 911 or Law Enforcement

  10. Workplace Violence

  11. Danger in the Workplace

  12. After-Action Analysis

  13. Support and Counseling