Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems

Vulnerability Assessment of Physical Protection Systems guides the reader through the topic of physical security with a unique, detailed and scientific approach. The book describes the entire vulnerability assessment (VA) process, from the start of planning through final analysis and out brief to senior management. It draws heavily on the principles introduced in the author’s best-selling Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems and allows readers to apply those principles and conduct a VA that is aligned with system objectives and achievable with existing budget and personnel resources.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment

  2. Physical Protection Systems Principles and Concepts

  3. Getting Started

  4. VA Process Inputs — Establish Protection Objectives

  5. Data Collection — Intrusion Detection Subsystem

  6. Data Collection—Alarm Assessment Subsystem

  7. Data Collection—Entry Control Subsystem

  8. Data Collection—Alarm Communication and Display Subsystem

  9. Data Collection—Delay Subsystem

  10. Data Collection--Response Subsystem

  11. Analysis

  12. Reporting and Using Results