Vietnamese Organized Crime in the Czech Republic

This book provides a complex, socio-anthropological analysis of organized crime operating in the Vietnamese diaspora in the Czech Republic, and its international implications. Currently, there are about four million people of Vietnamese descent living in this diaspora and many other countries, looking for an opportunity to improve their lives. This book draws upon original and primary research including interviews, participant observation and documentary analysis to trace the migration and history of the Vietnamese diaspora in the Czech Republic. It highlights the influence of crime, criminality and Vietnamese organized crime on the social organization and everyday life of the diaspora. It also examines the whole range of organized crime activities that they engage in and argues that they develop contemporary diasporic Asian crime networks which are shaped by the social environment of the host countries. This unique book contributes to the discourse on the changing identities of the migrants and analyses this crime in a comparative perspective - particularly focusing on Central Europe - to provide insights on migration and crime for a wider international audience.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Theoretical Background, Research Methods and Information Sources

  3. Vietnamese Migration to the Czech Republic and the Appearance of Vietnamese Criminal Networks

  4. The World of the Vietnamese Diaspora in the CR

  5. Vietnamese Criminal Activities in the Czech Republic

  6. Conclusions