Understanding and Preventing Corruption

This readily accessible guide addresses key issues in the international problem of public and private sector corruption. Despite the growth in interest of corruption in government and politics, few studies have focused on the practical questions of how to combat corruption. Graycar and Prenzler address these deficits by connecting analyses about the nature and causes of corruption with strategies for effective corruption reduction. Using a variety of international case studies, this text explores the range of harms caused by corruption and the opportunity factors that allow corruption to occur in diverse forms and locations. Presenting an innovative evidence-based framework, Graycar and Prenzler examine the lessons which can be learnt, exploring corruption prevention strategies in the areas of criminal justice, government procurement, public health and town planning.

Book contents:

  1. Describing Corruption

  2. Understanding Corruption

  3. Measuring Corruption

  4. The Architecture of Corruption Control

  5. Applying Crime Prevention and Regulatory Theory to Corruption

  6. Preventing Corruption in Criminal Justice

  7. Preventing Corruption in Public Sector Procurement

  8. Preventing Corruption in Public Health

  9. Designing out Corruption in Urban Planning

  10. Postscript