The Organizational Resilience Handbook

For businesses to grow and be successful their approach to resilience must be defined by a holistic and risk-focused outlook, rather than one which is narrow and dominated by event-oriented continuity practices. The Organizational Resilience Handbook shows that success is as much to do with innovation and the speed with which new products are brought to market as it is with organizations having to deal with unexpected crisis situations. It comprehensively covers the full breadth and depth of the field and introduces related topics such as security, safety, e-commerce, emerging technologies and customer experience.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Contextual Setting

  3. Definitions and References

  4. Reasoning and Benefits

  5. Case Studies

  6. The Organizational Resilience Capability Model (ORCM)

  7. Assessment and Reporting

  8. Other Key Issues and Ideas

  9. Application and Implementation